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What documents does one have to submit to get a road transport operator permit

If you meet all the requirements for applicants for authorization to pursue the occupation of road transport operator (described in the previous article), you must go to the Starostwo Powiatowe [District Office] and submit a complete set of documents. Documents can also be submitted by regular mail or e-mail. What documents should be provided?



Who can become a road transport operator?

In order to become a road transport operator, i.e. to carry out business activities in the field of road transport, it is necessary to obtain a permit to perform this profession. What conditions you must meet, as an entrepreneur, to become a road transport operator?


EXLIBRA - Jak znaleźć skuteczną firmę windykacyjną?

How to find an efficient debt collection agency?

Running a business would be much easier if everyone paid up. Unfortunately, the problem of getting into arrears is really common, which holds entrepreneurs from efficient work, because of waiting for their money for a very long time. In such a case a person without the knowledge of the law has little chance of recovering the debt. A lifesaver can be a debt collection agency. How to find a good debt collection agency, which is efficient and reliable?


EXLIBRA-Jak znaleźć dobrą wirtualną asystentkę?

How to find a good virtual assistant?

In the first days after starting a business, you dream about finding enough customers/clients to earn some money and reap the rewards. Lack of time caused by much work is desirable. However, when the company starts to develop and the work seems to be endless, lack of time becomes a huge problem, which should be quickly resolved. You don’t mind sacrificing your time for providing services/products for your clients/customers and it’s a source of satisfaction for you, but you are fed up with tedious tasks such as answering emails. Somebody has to do it but nobody wants to be detracted from the most important things by them. In such a case the best solution is finding a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant will take care of such tedious tasks and you won’t worry about providing a place of work for her and other things connected with hiring somebody for a full-time job. How to find a good virtual assistant?



How to find a good accounting office?

For an entrepreneur finding a good accounting office is one of the most important issues, which influence running a business. Although many people keep accounts by themselves after starting a business, when the business develops and new customers/clients come, they don’t have enough time for it. The time is needed not only for filling out the documents, but also for education about tax law, which is still changing. At this moment it is necessary to find an accounting office which would reduce a strain on the entrepreneur, advise and deal with accounting in a professionally. How to assess if a particular accounting office is trustworthy and reliable? The most important thing is the first impression made during a conversation. What should you ask about?