Liquidation of the company

The company is the most popular legal form of economic activity among entrepreneurs and investors in Poland. While the establishment of a company in this legal form is quite simple, its completion, and in particular the liquidation of the company is a very complex and time-consuming procedure. This is due to the necessity to perform numerous activities during the liquidation process. Not everyone has the time, and willingness to do it, which is why Exlibrara’s offer includes the liquidation of companies. The service is directed to anyone who is looking for the possibility to carry out the procedure with the least possible involvement on their part. We guarantee assistance at the highest level and acting in accordance with applicable law.

Liquidation of the company – for whom?

Usually, the liquidation of a partnership or private limited company is not a planned termination of activity by entrepreneurs. Often, however, it turns out that this is the best solution that allows you to protect your property, stop debt growth or end unresolved conflicts between the partners. Rescued and released by the liquidation of assets, you can invest in a new business and start building a company with a clean record. Does it sound like the perfect solution for you? Visit our office in Lublin or call us for more details.

Liquidation of companies at Exlibra

Our office offers comprehensive assistance at all stages of liquidation of a company, from the notification of liquidation through preparing and collecting required documents and taking necessary actions, to filing an application to delete a company from the court register.
The service of liquidation of a company offered by us includes the following activities:
– economic analysis, the purpose of which is to estimate the need for carrying out liquidation and indicating the costs and possible profits that are associated with it;
– presentation of alternative solutions, such as sales, restructuring, division, etc.;
– organizing the company’s finances and presenting the financial results, as required for the liquidation of the company;
– preparation of the company’s liquidation plan and all necessary documents;
– opening the liquidation and submitting it to the court register;
– notification of the liquidator appointed by the client or ourselves;
– announcement of the opening of the liquidation;
– preparation of the opening balance of the liquidation, which we will create, among others on the basis of the financial report;
– carrying out all liquidation activities, including, among others, termination of current interests, termination of all contracts, repayment of outstanding liabilities, collection of receivables, conducting Company affairs;
– distribution of the liquidation assets between all partners and, if possible, the repayment of belated creditors;
– assisting in activities preparing for the approval of the liquidation report;
– preparation and submission of an application for striking the company off the National Court Register;
– completing all formalities in Court and Commercial Gazette ;

In addition, as part of the offered service, we provide the Customer with a place to store documentation both during and after the liquidation. There is also the possibility of transferring documents to the place indicated by the resolution of the board.