EXLIBRA provides legal services in the registration of business and its service.

 Our basic scope of services includes:

  • advice when choosing the legal form of the company and the place of its registration
  • providing an address for company registration
  • registration of companies, business entities, including preparation of documents, translation of documents, registration in all necessary organs, making stamps, setting up bank accounts
  • legal outsourcing of the company, including preparation and analysis of contracts, internal regulations and bylaws, job descriptions and other internal documents, analysis and preparation of contracts for the company, obtaining permits, licences and other
  • full service of business processes
  • creating, verifying, negotiating and issuing opinions on contracts, and supervising their implementation
  • analysis and verification of documentation regarding obtaining licenses, permits, concessions and others
  • analysis and verification of documentation in accordance with the Client’s order, as well as representing clients in negotiations
  • company representation service
  • legal advice
  • preparing letters to the debtors, carrying out the debt collection process as well as supervising the debtors’ obligations
  • legal support in proceedings before administrative authorities

Using our services, you no longer have to worry about the company’s legal matters. You can focus on realizing your company vision and achieving your goals.

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