We will help you find premises or properties for rent or purchase.

Thanks to cooperation with us, you will save a lot of time looking for a suitable place, watching and arranging all formalities.

Range of activity:

  • Sale of real estate (apartments, plots, etc.)
  • Sale of real estate for investments (eg. hotel, hostel, restaurant, etc.)
  • Rental of flats
  • Rental of offices for business meetings

We will help with all official, legal and organizational matters. Thanks to the cooperation with a notary office, you will be able to settle all matters related to the purchase of real estate in one place, and most importantly, seamlessly and effectively.

As part of our services, we also deal with matters related to obtaining the permit to purchase real estate by a foreigner, which is issued through an administrative decision by the Polish Ministry of the Interior. As part of our services:

  • we verify and complete the necessary documents
  • we apply for a permit
  • we monitor the deadlines for dealing with the matter.