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EXLIBRA. Wymiana waluty- Bank czy kantor? Która oferta jest korzystniejsza?

Currency exchange – at a bank or in a bureau de change? Which offer is more beneficial?

Exchange of currencies is a daily event for businesses operating on foreign markets. Other people exchange money to repay their loans in foreign currencies, for shopping or travelling abroad, and to enjoy their holidays. Regardless of the reason for exchange of currency it is worth to do it at as favourable rate as possible, not forgetting that the client may make use of multiple options, and that the broad offer facilitates selecting the best alternative.


EXLIBRA. EORI - co to takiego?

EORI – what is it?

EORI (Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification) is a special system aimed at facilitating customs administration in the European Union. Every entrepreneur who carries out activities involved in customs activities must obtain an EORI customs number. This number is unique, unrepeatable and serves to identify persons holding this number in contacts with customs authorities throughout the European Union.


Property liability in a limited liability company (Pol. spółka z o.o.)

People planning to set up their own business have several options to choose from. Among them, the most popular options are sole proprietorship and limited liability companies. Civil, limited partnership and partner companies are in the background. Why? There are several reasons for this!


EXLIBRA. Leasing

Leasing 2019

On 1 January 2019 there were amendments resulting from the amendment of the income tax act, which applied to leasing of passenger cars. They will most strongly affect entrepreneurs who use company cars not only for business purposes but also for private purposes.


EXLIBRA. Motywowanie pracowników

Motivating employees

Managers taking on challenges, do not think in the first place in which direction to direct the bus, the most important thing is to take the right people on the bus with whom one wants to cooperate . However, the question arises – what do we mean by right people?