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EXLIBRA - Czym jest regulamin pracy i co powinien zawierać?

What are the internal work regulations and what should they contain?

Enterprises operate on the basis of applicable provisions contained in statutes and ordinances, as well as according to internal standards. The set of regulations specifying the rights and obligations of the employer and employees is the work regulations. What are the work regulations and what should they contain? You will learn from this article.


EXLIBRA - Czy warto korzystać z usług firm rekrutacyjnych?

Is it worth using the services of recruitment companies?

Finding a qualified and reliable employee often poses a serious problem for entrepreneurs. Acquiring employees, who not only possess the right skills, but are also able to work in a team requires knowledge and experience of recruiters. That is why entrepreneurs are more and more often outsourcing recruiting employees to specialists. Is it worth using the services of recruitment companies? What will your company gain from this?


EXLIBRA - Co to jest split payment? Kogo obowiązuje mechanizm podzielonej płatności?

What is split payment? Who is the split payment mechanism for?

Split payment functions in such countries as the Czech Republic, Turkey, Italy. From July 1, 2018, the so-called split payment mechanism can also be used for VAT invoice payments for  in Poland. From today’s article you will learn what split payment is and who it applies to.


EXLIBRA - Czym jest outsourcing? Czy warto delegować zadania innym firmom?

What is outsourcing? Is it worth delegating tasks to other companies?

The company’s development is associated with the emergence of an increasing number of tasks that need to be controlled. Are you wondering whether to delegate it to your own employees or to opt for the services of external companies? From the further part of the article you will learn what outsourcing is and what its advantages are.


EXLIBRA - Rejestracja VAT – krok po kroku. Jak wypełnić formularz VAT-R?

VAT Registration – step by step. How to fill in the VAT-R form?

The obligation to register for VAT applies to both natural persons running sole proprietorships and various types of commercial companies. However, the legislator included many exceptions that exempt from paying the goods and services tax . From today’s article, you will find out when it is necessary to register for VAT and how to fill in the VAT-R form.