EXLIBRA - Czy warto korzystać z usług firm rekrutacyjnych? 29.08.2019

Is it worth using the services of recruitment companies?

Finding a qualified and reliable employee often poses a serious problem for entrepreneurs. Acquiring employees, who not only possess the right skills, but are also able to work in a team requires knowledge and experience of recruiters. That is why entrepreneurs are more and more often outsourcing recruiting employees to specialists. Is it worth using the services of recruitment companies? What will your company gain from this?

Building a suitably qualified team is the basis for the proper functioning of the company and provides much wider opportunities for its development. The employee should have not only the knowledge required for the position they are applying for, but above all, the ability to use it. The recruiter must determine the profile of the ideal candidate, and during the recruitment process, verify the predispositions of applicants for the position.

Recruitment company – what is it and how does it work?

There are so-called internal recruiters and external recruiters on the market. The first of these are HR employees permanently employed in the structures of the resoective company. They deal with recruitment processes only for the benefit of the parent company. External recruiters are employees of companies and recruitment agencies who, as part of outsourced services, carry out activities on behalf of specific clients.

Recruitment companies provide comprehensive recruitment processes. Entities providing this kind of services employ specialists responsible for recruiting employees. The tasks of recruitment companies include not only conducting the interview itself and verifying the skills of candidates. They are responsible for the entire recruitment process – from preparing a job offer, through the initial selection of application documents, interviews, to recruiting people with the desired qualifications and skills. The work of a recruitment company usually ends with the creation of a report on the recruitment process and activities carried out.

What should a good recruitment company stand out with?

Selecting a recruitment company that will acquire qualified and outstanding employees’ skills for your company is not easy. The effectiveness of its activities depends on the experts employed in the company. An individual approach to the client and his expectations is also important.

A good and reliable recruitment shall:

  • employ specialist in the field of HR who have not only the knowledge and skills but also experience in successful recruitment and effective management of HR processes,
  • conduct effective recruitment activities ranging from skilful formulation of the content of a job offer, to finding the perfect candidate for the specific position,
  • approach each recruitment process individually,e. using different employee search strategies, depending on the client’s needs and the industry, in which it operates,
  • apply modern recruitment methods enabling unlimited contact with many active candidates, as well as have a wide network of contacts with people from various industries.

How does recruitment by company look like?

Ever wondered, why does the recruitment process carried out by the external company take so long? It does not mean that recruiters take their responsibilities unprofessionally or that they cannot find a suitable candidate for the position in your company. There are many stages in the recruiting process that aim to find the best specialist.

After creating and publishing the job offer, the recruitment company creates a list of potential candidates. The list includes not only people, who responded to the job offer, but also candidates from the recruitment company’s databases. In the latter case – people from the contact network – it is necessary to notify them and obtain permission to participate in the recruitment process.

In the next stage, thanks to interviews and competence tests, the previously created list is shortened to a few or a dozen or so people. Specialists selected from the recruitment process are introduced to the employer and he decides about employment based on the interview.

It is a common practice for recruitment companies to assign to job applicants “guardians” who deal with their affairs – they answer questions and inform about subsequent stages. If the candidate is not hired by the client, the guardian usually suggests placing the job seeker’s data in the recruitment company’s database. In this way, recruitment companies build networks.

Is it worth using the services of recruitment agencies?

The greatest benefits of employing recruitment companies are mainly savings of time and money. Conducting a comprehensive recruitment process involves many tasks, and your own employees do not always have the appropriate competencies to successfully acquire specialists. Secondment of employees from different departments to carry out the recruitment, associated with their absence from their workplaces for several days may adversely affect the functioning of the company.

In selecting candidates the recruitment company will not only check their knowledge, skills or experience, but also attempt to ensure that the people selected for the last stage are able to meet the obligations of the respective position and have the ability to easily adapt to the group. Recruitment companies work effectively, and thanks to many years of experience and employing HR experts, they rarely make mistakes. In addition, cooperation with a recruitment company allows the employer to quickly respond to changing conditions of the labour market, as well as reach people whose employment seemed unreachable.

Well conducted recruitment not only affects the image of the company, which in the eyes of potential candidates becomes more prestigious, but also allows you to attract specialists for new projects. The development of your enterprise depends largely on the qualifications and commitment of employees. The recruitment company will select the best candidates and you will decide on their employment.