Comprehensive tax consulting

Tax consultancy services offered by our office are devised for anyone, who wants to better manage their capital. Come to our office in the city of Lublin or contact us via the Internet.

A professional tax consulting company

The Exlibra tax consultancy company was created by specialists with many years of experience in the field of taxation and accounting. For years each of our employees enjoyed appreciation of our customers, who are able confidently entrust us with their matters. We constantly monitor and analyze any changes in tax regulations, thanks to which you are guaranteed that as soon as there is an amendment that will bring you at least the lowest tax benefit, we will implement it immediately. We guarantee full discretion and professional secrecy.

Comprehensive tax consulting

Tax consultancy offered by us is addressed both to entrepreneurs, and private persons who do not conduct business. As part of the service we provide tax advice and opinions, we conduct consultations and tax audits and trainings on this subject. We prepare tax procedures and take part in their implementation. In addition, we represent clients before the authorities of the National Tax Administration as well as administrative courts in matters that relate to the scope of duties resulting from the provisions of tax law, in administrative enforcement cases and decisions and provisions regarding tax and customs obligations.

Consulting for companies

As part of its activities, the Office provides advice and opinions for entrepreneurs in the scope of:
– tax on goods and services (VAT)
– personal income tax (PIT)
– commercial income tax (CIT)

Advice for private persons

The Office provides advice and opinions for individuals in the areas of:
– inheritance and donation tax,
– tax on civil law transactions,
– settlement of income from abroad,
– sale of real estate within 5 years of its acquisition,
– taxation of revenues that are not covered by disclosed sources.

Why it is worth to take advantage of professional tax consultancy

The regulations of tax law apply to all of us, including you! If you’re not a specialist in this field, then most likely the complexity of the records means that you do not take advantage of the opportunities that they contain. Establishing cooperation with our Office means that you will not only get rid of unnecessary stress and gain a sense of security, but you will also start to pay lower taxes. Optimization of tax operations gives you a competitive edge, and influences the development of business operations. Professional tax consultancy by specialists working with us, is a way to achieve this goal. In our office, we are familiarizing ourselves with the situation of each customer, we analyze the costs borne by him, and come up with fully legal solutions that will bring financial benefits. We have already helped many people, you can be next.