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EXLIBRA - Jak założyć firmę? Jak krok po kroku wypełnić wniosek CEIDG-1?

How to set up a company? How to complete the CEIDG-1 application step by step?

If you have already chosen the legal form for your business, as well as the form of taxation and PKD codes, the time has come for reporting your business to the register of entrepreneurs – CEIDG (Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity). How to complete the CEIDG-1 application? Where to submit it? We advise below.


EXLIBRA - zle dlugi

Bad debt reduction? For whom? After what time?

Bad debt reduction gives the VAT taxpayer chance to reclaim tax deduced for unpaid invoices. Till the end of 2018, the deadline amounted to 150 days. After recent amendment, the taxpayer may claim VAT refund faster, even after 3 months. The deadline of 90 days also applies to the debtor who after 3 months will be obliged to correct VAT charged on unpaid invoices. Thanks to this change, entrepreneurs may now reclaim tax on bad debts faster. Creditors have the right to apply bad debt reductions earlier and may earlier reduce the VAT due.



Change of the company registered office – step by step

The change of the company registered office, i.e. the place where the managing body is located, involves the necessity of fulfilling several formalities. Due to the fact that many people are afraid of making a mistake, or omitting some important issues because of an oversight, this article will describe, step by step, how to perform this change.


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What should a standard contract contain?

Although there are contracts whose form has been strictly legally conditioned (e.g. contract for the sale of real estate), most business contracts concluded between contractors are subjected to the principle of freedom of contract. According to this rule, the parties may apply the provisions and shape the content of the contracts at their own discretion as long as it is done within the limits of the applicable legal. Therefore, when doing business, you may meet many forms of contract, even if its subject is similar. What to look for when signing/creating a contract? What elements should be included in the standard written contract?


EXLIBRA - Zakup mieszkania pod wynajem — co warto wiedzieć?

Buying an apartment for rent – what is worth knowing?

The purchase of apartments for rent is one of the increasingly popular forms of investment in Poland. There are many stereotypes about investing in real estate, especially with the intention of later renting, and it requires a lot of patience and thorough preparation on our part.