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Outsourcing of legal services or a lawyer in the company – what is more advantageous?

Every year, legal outsourcing is becoming more and more popular. It consists in entrusting legal supporting services to external companies that have lawyers specializing in various fields among their staff. On the other hand, many companies still employ their own lawyers. In the following article we will try to answer the question, which of these options is more advantageous for the entrepreneur.



Delegating tasks and time saving

Is your “to-do” list constantly expanding with new tasks, deadlines are chasing you, and you’re working long hours several days in a row? When a project requires more time and commitment from you than you can devote to it – it’s time to think about delegating your tasks. It may seem that it is easier to do everything yourself than to introduce a different person into the details of the project, but in this article we would like to show you that in practice it comes out quite differently.


Jednoosobowa spółka z o.o.

A single member limited liability company

A single member limited liability company is a company where all shares belong to one partner. There are two ways to create a single member company, the primary and secondary. The primary method is one in which the company was registered by one person, while the secondary one is one when, as a result of the legal actions taken, one person gathers in his/her hand all shares that were initially divided between different partners.


EXLIBRA. Co jest korzystniejsze leasing czy kredyt na samochód?

What is more advantageous leasing or car loan?

Leasing is a fairly young form of financing, yet it gained a large group of supporters very quickly. The leasing industry in Q1, 2018 grew by almost 21%. Why is it so popular? Is it better for everyone than loans?


EXLIBRA. Rewolucja w dokumentacji pracowniczej.

A revolution in employee records. What will 2019 bring us?

Poland is the sole country, where the obligatory storage term for employee files is 50 years. This is a big obstacle both in terms of logistics and the cost of document storage. In many European countries this period is just 10 years, there are also countries, such as Denmark, where the storage period is 5 years or the Netherlands where there is no obligation to archive employee records.