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What documents does one have to submit to get a road transport operator permit

If you meet all the requirements for applicants for authorization to pursue the occupation of road transport operator (described in the previous article), you must go to the Starostwo Powiatowe [District Office] and submit a complete set of documents. Documents can also be submitted by regular mail or e-mail. What documents should be provided?

Application for road transport permit

You can find the template of the application form here. The application contains the entrepreneur’s data, address, registered office and place of residence, information on entry to CEIDG or KRS, NIP, specification of road transport, specification of the type and number of vehicles that will be used for transport, data of the person managing the transport with the certificate number of professional competence, determination of the number of certified copies of the road transport permit (this number reflects the number of declared vehicles).


Declaration of the person managing the transport

The declaration must include the information about the content: “I hereby declare that in accordance with art. 4 section 1 of Regulation (EC) No. 1071/2009 I will act as transport manager.” If the transport is managed on behalf of the entrepreneur, the person entitled under the contract to perform the tasks of the transport manager must submit a declaration that he/she meets the conditions specified in art. 4 section 2c of Regulation (EC) No. 1071/2009. Templates of both declarations can be found here  and there.

Certificate of professional competence

It is a certificate issued by the Motor Transport Institute in Warsaw. A copy of the certificate of the person managing the transport or authorized under the contract for transport management on behalf of the entrepreneur should be submitted. To obtain the permit, it is necessary that at least one of the people managing the company or managing the road transport in the company holds this certificate.

Declaration regarding the operating base

A template declaration of holding an operating base can be found here.

Declaration of compliance with the requirements set out in the regulations in relation to employed drivers or non-employed persons who personally carry out transport for an entrepreneur

In this document the entrepreneur certifies that persons performing transport for him/her (either employed or performing transport on other terms) are not prohibited from practicing the profession of driver. It is placed under penalty for perjury and should include a clause stating: “I am aware of criminal liability for making a false statement.”


Certificate of good conduct or a declaration of no criminal record for serious violation specified in art. 6 section 1B of Regulation (EC) No. 1071/2009

Certificate of good conduct can be obtained from the National Court Register after reporting to the district or regional court, while the declaration of no criminal record for serious violation can be found here. Such a document must be submitted by:

  • Entrepreneurs that conduct business activities
  • Members of the management body of the legal persons, a person managing a general partnership or a civil law partnership
  • Persons who manage the transport or are entitled under the contract to perform the tasks of the transport manager on behalf of the entrepreneur

Documents confirming the appropriate financial standing

The document confirming the possession of the appropriate financial standing may be an annual financial report with the opinion of a statutory auditor, bank guarantee or insurance (including professional indemnity insurance).

Proof of payment

The fee for issuing the permit is PLN 1,000 and it must be paid to the District’s Authority Office account to which the application is made. If one or more motor vehicles are declared in the application, an additional fee of PLN 100 must be added for every vehicle. To receive an excerpt from the permit for each vehicle, you need to pay 10 PLN for each excerpt.


These are many documents in total, so it is well worth to start collecting them all at your earliest convenience. After submitting the documents you usually get the relevant decision of the authorities within a month. Shall the procedure be extended (up to 2 months) you will be notified of this by the office.