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Czy warto korzystać z usług wirtualnej asystentki?

Is it worth using the services of a virtual assistant?

If you suffer from excess duties that effectively obstruct you what is most important in running your business, and in addition high premiums prevent you from hiring an employee – think about a virtual assistant! We will try to bring you closer to the work of the virtual assistant and the benefits that result from using her services.



Accounting – how to choose the right office?

Every year, legislative authorities introduce many favorable but also complicated changes in tax law, which not only distress the average citizen, but more so a novice entrepreneur. It is often the case that when we set up our first business, we decide to conduct accounting alone, but we quickly find out, on our own example, how much we lose by doing so.


Zmiany w ZUS od 1 stycznia 2019 roku – co nas czeka?

Changes in ZUS since 1 January, 2019 – what awaits us?

At present, according to Polish law, each company, regardless of the income it receives, is obliged to pay ZUS contributions in the amount of ca. PLN 1,200. The changes adopted by the government, which will come into force on 1 January, 2019, are to significantly affect the final amount of the contribution, which is to depend on the income criterion.


EXLIBRA - Spółka z o.o., a działalność gospodarcza — co jest korzystniejsze?

A limited liability company, and sole proprietorship – which is more advantageous?

At the present time, sole proprietorship and limited liability company are the most popular legal forms for businesses. Most beginner entrepreneurs decide, however, to open the first form, living in the conviction that running a limited company is way too difficult. In this article we will try to bring you closer to all the differences and similarities of both forms, thanks to which we hope to dispel your doubts and help you in choosing the business form that best meets your needs.