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Accounting – how to choose the right office?

Every year, legislative authorities introduce many favorable but also complicated changes in tax law, which not only distress the average citizen, but more so a novice entrepreneur. It is often the case that when we set up our first business, we decide to conduct accounting alone, but we quickly find out, on our own example, how much we lose by doing so. Think about how much time you could save and how much peace do you gain if you submitted it to a professional? The best way out of this situation is to select an accounting office. However, it is worth remembering that this is one of the most important decisions an entrepreneur makes at the beginning of his business road, which is why in this article we will try to bring you closer to the most important issues worth following.

What issues to pay attention to?

First of all – qualifications of the accountant. Nowadays, an accounting office can be set up by anyone, and the License of the Minister of Finance is no longer required, but it is worth checking whether the person we intend to entrust with the accounting matters of our company has the appropriate qualifications. It is worth finding out if the potential accountant has obtained higher education in a given area and whether he/she participates in training and accounting courses that expand and update knowledge.

Secondly – liability insurance. Each accounting office is obliged to hold third party liability insurance, which protects you and your company from possible errors in accounting offices, although it is worth paying attention to its amount and whether it is an extended policy. Remember also that before the authorities, you are responsible for the mistakes, and only then you can apply for compensation from the accounting.

Another important issue is the scope of services provided by the accounting office and the organization of the office itself. The basic accounting service includes calculating taxes and sending returns to tax offices, however there are such offices that additionally offer tax consultancy, legal assistance, assistance in registering business activities, as well as representation in the office. It is also worth to determine with the future accountant when it will inform us about payment dates, in what hours we can contact him/her and whether it is possible to contact and send documents by e-mail

The next thing to look at the market position of the office. It would seem that popular, large accounting offices are the best choice, but you have to look at it on the other hand – will the large office meet your individual expectations, will it be tailored to your needs? It would be a good idea to consult your friends or check opinions and recommendations on the Internet, on social networks.

The last but not the least important thing is the price for the services provided. Do not kid yourself, the high price does not always go hand in hand with high quality of services and vice versa, low price does not always mean that the office is poor. One thing is certain – you should not only be guided by the price, but it is worth bearing in mind whether or not some additional, hidden fees await us.

As you can see, choosing the right accounting office is a real challenge. The ideal solution would be to first think about and specify what you expect from your accountant, what services are necessary for you, and then agree on this with a potential office. Remember that the choice of an accountant is not a decision for a lifetime, but your thorough preparation of and a good understanding of market will give you a guarantee of a good choice and promising cooperation for years.