Czy warto korzystać z usług wirtualnej asystentki? 28.11.2018

Is it worth using the services of a virtual assistant?

If you suffer from excess duties that effectively obstruct you what is most important in running your business, and in addition high premiums prevent you from hiring an employee – think about a virtual assistant! We will try to bring you closer to the work of the virtual assistant and the benefits that result from using her services.

Who is the virtual assistant and what is her job?

A virtual assistant is a self-employed person who offers remote services related to the operation of your business. Using the services of a virtual assistant does not require you to employ her on the basis of a classic contract, therefore, you are not bound by any additional contributions related to the employment of an employee. In addition, you will save money that would have to be spent on office equipment, rental of premises, etc. It is also worth noting that if you use such services, you pay only for the performance of the tasks entrusted to us.

The responsibilities of the virtual assistant are similar to those performed by the secretary, she performs real tasks for you, except that she works remotely. The person providing such services usually has experience that she gained while working in the real world of business.

What tasks can be entrusted to a virtual assistant?

In theory, a virtual assistant can do any task for you, but in practice, we often deal with specially created service offers, which are usually divided into price packages.

However, there are key categories of tasks on which the virtual assistant focuses in particular.

  1. Research – the assistant will search for you a lot of required information, create a databases of potential investors and clients, analyze the market and its needs and learn about the competition.
  2. Social media and a website – as you know, nowadays, social media play crucial role practically for every business. A virtual assistant can thus help you build your brand, write short blog posts and social profile posts for you, reply to messages and answer questions from interested users.
  3. Managing the electronic box – this is a very useful service. It is hard to imagine the reconciliation of managing an e-mail inbox, with several dozen e-mails every day, with duties related to running a business and private life. A virtual assistant will organize your inbox, reply to offers and a limited number of customer service messages.
  4. Organization of time – an assistant will take care of your work schedule, make appointments for meetings, book an airline ticket, a hotel room or find a suitable place for a business meeting.

What are the benefits of using a virtual assistant?

By ordering a virtual assistant both private and business tasks you support your business, but also relieve your personal life. VA will help you in carrying out monotonous tasks, such as answering telephones or taking care of social media, so that you will have more time to expand your business and your productivity will increase. Using such services is a great saving, not only of time, but also money – this way you will omit the costs of recruiting an employee or buying office equipment.

In summary, the virtual assistant is an invaluable tool in business. It will help you lead your business in the right direction, so your business will never be left in a standstill.