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How to set up a company? How to complete the CEIDG-1 application step by step?

If you have already chosen the legal form for your business, as well as the form of taxation and PKD codes, the time has come for reporting your business to the register of entrepreneurs – CEIDG (Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity). How to complete the CEIDG-1 application? Where to submit it? We advise below.

How to set up a company? Where can I find the CEIDG-1 application form?

The CEIDG-1 application can be submitted both in paper version and in electronic form. If you choose the first way, you have several options to choose from. The first is to complete the online form, and then print, or download the application in PDF version and fill in manually. You can also go to the appropriate office and complete the necessary registration data there.

Undoubtedly, the most convenient way to register a company is to complete and submit an application in electronic form. The CEIDG-1 form can be found at https://prod.ceidg.gov.pl/.

Where to submit the CEIDG-1 application form?

If you decide to submit a CEIDG-1 application in paper version, you can do it personally at the municipal or city office or send the completed document by registered mail to the address of the office. In the second case, however, remember that the signature on the application form must be certified by a notary.

As we have already mentioned, a more convenient form of business registration is completing and submitting CEIDG-1 online. To complete the entire procedure, you must register on the CEIDG portal, complete the form and then sign it with an active Trusted Profile or a qualified electronic signature.

Recently, there appeared also the second possibility to conduct online registration of companies – through electronic banking. Remember, however, that this form only allows you to set up a business, but it does not allow you to submit to ZUS and the tax office applications.

How to complete the CEIDG-1 application? Step by step instructions

The CEIDG-1 form is not only a document that allows you to register your business activity, but also an application to obtain an entry in the REGON register, an identification application to the tax office and a declaration of the ZUS contribution payer. Using the CEIDG-1 form, you can apply for entry, modification or striking out of these registers. Today, however, we will focus on registering the company using the CEIDG-1 form


How to set up a company? How to complete the CEIDG-1 application step by step?

  1. Type of application

If you fill out the online form and declared your wish to start your business at the https://prod.ceidg.gov.pl/ website you will automatically be redirected to the “Application for entry in the CEIDG”.

  1. Place of application

In item 02.3. you indicate who submits the application. If you do it on your own behalf, select the “Entrepreneur” option, and when you are an entrepreneur’s representative, select “Authorized person”.

  1. Applicant’s data

Now the time has come to provide basic personal information necessary to set up a business. If you do not have a tax identification number (NIP) and REGON number, please inform the office by ticking the appropriate fields. The CEIDG-1 application will then become a REGON and NIP application.

How to set up a company? How to complete the CEIDG-1 application step by step?

  1. Applicant’s residence address

This time you are asked to complete information about your place of residence. Field 11 “Description of unusual place” is usually left blank.

  1. Electronic address

Contrary to the first association, this does not concern your e-mail address, but the name of your account in the ePUAP system. It’s best to leave this field blank and rely on letter communication.

  1. Business name of the entrepreneur

In the next rubric, enter your business name. It must contain your first and last name, you can also put an additional term in the name.

In item 06.1, specify the expected number of people who will work in your business. If you do not intend to hire employees, enter 1.

In section 06.2, provide PKD codes for services provided within the company. Define the predominant type of activity, i.e. the one that will bring the highest profits.

  1. Shortened name

Information provided for the needs of the Social Insurance Institution. We advise you to put just your first and last name here.

  1. The date of business commencement

Enter the exact start date of your business activities, it may be later than the date of submitting the application.

  1. Contact details

The completion of this part of the CEIDG-1 application is voluntary. The provided contact details will be made public, or you can check the option “I object to sharing contact details with CEIDG.” Then, the information you provide will only go to the offices and will not be published in the entrepreneurs’ database.

How to set up a company? How to complete the CEIDG-1 application step by step?

  1. Business address

The address for service is your correspondence address. In addition, you are also obliged to inform offices about a permanent place of business.

  1. Additional place of business activities

In the next rubric, list all places of permanent business activity, e.g. places of sales, branches or order acceptance points.

12 I am subject to compulsory insurance in

Select “Social Insurance Institution”, and then enter the date of the obligation to pay the premiums, that is the date of starting the activity.

If you want to attach Social Security documents to the CEIDG-1 application, check the box next to the appropriate form.

  1. ZUS ZZA – this is the entrepreneur’s application, who also works full-time and/or wants to take advantage of the start relief
  2. ZUS ZWUA – this is a form used to de-register from insurance
  3. ZUS ZUA – registration of an entrepreneur who does not work an additional full-time job, and does not wish to or can’t take advantage of the start-up relief.
  4. ZUS ZIUA – it is used to change the insured person’s data.
  5. ZUS ZCNA – makes it possible to apply for insurance of a family member who does not have the right to be insured under a different title.

Items 14, 15, 16

Shall be completed only in the case of suspension, resumption or liquidation of business activity.

  1. Information regarding heads of tax offices

Provide the details of tax office competent for the place of business in item 17.1.

How to set up a company? How to complete the CEIDG-1 application step by step?

  1. I declare that the income tax from natural persons will be paid in the form

Select the selected form of paying PIT.

  1. Form of advance payment

Here, specify the frequency of payment of advance payments for income tax, usually it is the “monthly” option.

  1. Type of accounting documentation

You can choose one of the following forms: tax revenue and expense ledger (general rules), accounting books (required for large incomes), other records (e.g. a flat rate) or not kept (for a tax card).

In the next step, specify whether you will conduct the accounting documentation on your own, or you will outsource this task to another entity – an accounting company.

  1. Data of the entity maintaining the applicant’s accounting documentation

Complete the data only, if an external entity is responsible for keeping your accounting records.

22 Address, where the applicant’s accounting documentation will be kept at.

That is the address of the accounting office that keeps the company’s accounting records or your business address.

  1. I run a sheltered workshop

Select, if it is true.

  1. I am a partner civil law company/companies

As above.

  1. Information on joint property of spouses

Complete only if you have joint property with your spouse.

  1. Identification details of applicant’s bank accounts

Provide information about your company account. If you have not set up one yet, leave this part blank and update the data once you set up one. A refund of the tax overpayment will be made to the account indicated.

  1. Information on identification numbers acquired in other countries for tax or social security purposes

Complete the rubric only if you have obtained a non-Polish identification number for tax or social security purposes.

  1. I have given power of attorney to conduct my affairs

Enter the mandatory’s details if you have one and want to reveal this fact in CEIDG.


Add annexes that you wish to attach to the application, e.g. a contract confirming the right to use the premises.

Setting up a business via the Internet is free of charge and you do not even have to leave your home. It takes several minutes to complete and submit the CEIDG-1 application, so it is worth taking advantage of online registration options.