EXLIBRA - Jak założyć firmę przez Internet 30.04.2019

How to set up a business via the Internet? Step by step.

The Internet became not only source of our entertainment, but also a tool that aids in many official matters, such as setting up your own business. Most activities related to this can be done without leaving home.

Before registering your business online, it is necessary to create a trusted profile or qualified certificate in order to obtain an electronic signature that will certify our identity.

Qualified certificate, or electronic signature, requires us to purchase a suitable device, where our own signature will be located. Then it will require confirmation of our identity by a Notary’s Office, PCC Centre Registration Desk or by the Identity Confirmation Desk.

Setting up a trusted ePUAP profile is free of official duties and is done very quickly, e.g. via an online bank account.

After creating your own electronic signature or trusted profile, we register our activity in CEIDG – the Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity. Making an entry is free of charge. To do this we will need the following data:
– business name-name
– entrepreneur’s date of birth
– numbers: PESEL, NIP, REGON (if we have them)

At the same time when making an entry to CEIDG, a REGON number is created, which provides general characteristics of the trading entities.

The same applies to your NIP (tax identification) number, you are no longer required to submit a separate form at the tax office.
– the citizenship of the business owner (list all if there’s more than one)
– place of residence and the address where the business will be conducted (where there are more places of business, this should also include them)
– short name of the company (if the entrepreneur does not select one, he or she puts his own name in this item)
– contact information-phone number e-mail address fax number and website (these data are not obligatory)
-start date (may not be earlier than the date of filing of the application with CEIDG)
– scope of activity in accordance with PKD (Poland Business Classification)-9 types of businesses
– date of the obligation to pay social insurance contributions (business start date)
– type the proper head of the tax office (choosing form of taxation)
– form of accounting (the book of revenues and expenses
– the trader’s bank account (if more than 1, also be taken into account and select one of the accounts that the potential tax return will be paid to)

In a situation where an application contains errors, the CEIDG system will immediately notify the future entrepreneur of its incorrectness. It will allow us to instantaneously amend the erroneous items.

At the end, we sign the application with the help of a trusted profile or a qualified certificate.
Information provided in the application will be forwarded to ZUS or KRUS, the Tax Office and the Central Statistical Office.