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Delegating tasks and time saving

Is your “to-do” list constantly expanding with new tasks, deadlines are chasing you, and you’re working long hours several days in a row? When a project requires more time and commitment from you than you can devote to it – it’s time to think about delegating your tasks. It may seem that it is easier to do everything yourself than to introduce a different person into the details of the project, but in this article we would like to show you that in practice it comes out quite differently.

What exactly is delegating tasks?

It consists in trusting the other person, entrusting him or her with performing certain things for which he or she will be responsible and giving that person the freedom to decide on the means to achieve the set goal.

What are the advantages of delegating tasks?

First of all, the main advantage of delegating tasks is that it allows you to use your time in the most effective way, thus allowing you to focus on what is important – the development of your company. Secondly, acquiring the skills of delegating can bring long-term benefits not only for you, but also for your employees. However, like everything else in real life, it requires learning, effort and a desire to achieve the desired goal. Thanks to the delegation, you make people understand that you trust them enough to give them more responsible tasks. Another advantage worth mentioning is the acceleration of decision making. The subordinate, to whom you delegate the task, is responsible for it and must independently make decisions related to it, thanks to which the task execution process is never in standstill.


The truth is that good delegation needs to be learned and benefits will come with time. First, define your expectations and match them with your subordinates’ skills. Second, be patient and forgiving. Always give full instructions to complete the task, focus on the particulars and clarity of the message. Although the delegation will be difficult the first time and maybe it will not bring the effects you have decided, believe that the next task will be done even better. Believe also in your employees, let them use their creativity, because the fact that they do something different than you does not necessarily mean that they do it worse. Watch the progress of the work, but never stand over someone’s head. Do not forget about the most important thing – demonstrating your gratitude for someone’s help.

In summary, delegating tasks is more than just saving time. You must understand that this is not a form of shedding on someone duties that you do not like to perform, but allowing your employees to develop and demonstrate their skills in different areas.