It is worth knowing that a foreigner who runs a company in Poland can apply for a temporary stay or a visa to Poland on the basis of running a business. In the case of work – also for a temporary residence permit in connection with work performed in Poland. On the other hand, foreigners applying for a temporary residence permit can establish and operate businesses only in the form of a company, including limited liability company.

However, a foreigner may set up and run a business under the same conditions as a Polish citizen if he/she holds:

  • a permanent residence permit
  • a valid Pole’s Card
  • a long-term EU residence permit
  • temporary residence permit for the purpose of family reunification
  • temporary residence permit granted on the basis of a long-term EU residence permit/granted to a foreigner’s family member
  • temporary residence permit granted for the purpose of taking up or continuing full-time university or doctoral studies in Poland
  • temporary residence permit in connection with a married relationship with a Polish citizen
  • a refugee status
  • subsidiary protection
  • a consent for tolerated stay
  • temporary protection in Poland